Fox & Farrow

With a renowned and eclectic culinary track record, Chef Darren impresses once again. His mouthwatering menu paired with Fox & Farrow’s elegance create a luxurious and elegant feeling unmatched in the beach cities.

Elevating the South Bay culinary experience, Fox & Farrow is Hermosa Beach’s hottest dining spot. Featuring food and drinks dreamed up by the unmatched talent of Chef Darren Weiss, Fox & Farrow is a delight to the senses. Brothers Darren and Seth are reviving their old partnership, this time bringing us an upscale hunting lodge interior with a diverse and delicious menu.

Chef Darren has crafted a menu complete with previous favorites at Darren’s plus new Fox & Farrow-approved fare like Blackened Hanger Steak (Chef’s favorite) and Lamb Sliders. The cocktail menu includes timeless classics and new mixologist imaginations. And the remodeled interior is like nothing you’ve seen around town.

If you think you know what this space looks like, think again. The old Chelsea Pub, may she rest in peace, is newly elegant, dignified, and downright stunning. The rich velvet chaise lounges, dark wood tones, and subtle upscale pub-style design touches bring a classy speakeasy-like vibe to life. Fox & Farrow is perfect for uniquely romantic dates or classy nights on the town alike. Come see what all the hype is about, get a taste of Darren’s impossibly delicious food, and enjoy the decadence of Fox & Farrow today!

Chef Darren


The South Bay of Los Angeles has been deprived of Darren’s culinary prowess for nearly two years. Thankfully, he’s back and better than ever. Chef Darren - the local celebrity chef of Darren’s in Manhattan Beach - is lauded for his bold international flavors and fresh local ingredients. Born profoundly deaf, Chef Darren’s life has been rife with many obstacles. Food, however, has always come naturally to him. Culinary art is how Chef Darren’s made a mark on the world, the kitchen where he feels most himself. Those truths are evident in his food. Just taste and see.

Fox & Farrow Lounge Seating